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Feng Shui at your door

Feng Shui gives you guidelines to create a peaceful environment at home. Learn the top 10 things to avoid in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui at your door
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
Having a peaceful home environment with good energy attracts everyone. After all, our home is our refuge. Feng Shui is an ancient art that gives you guidelines to create this environment at home. In addition to the rules to implement it has indications of what is prohibited or to be avoided. Learn the top 10 things to avoid in Feng Shui.

1. Keeping the house closed

In Feng Shui, air, along with water, is one of the main elements. It is therefore essential to let air circulate and whenever possible open doors and windows. Let the wind carry away the negative energies.

2. Accumulating many objects

Feng Shui is primarily minimalist. Thus, accumulating too many objects at home retains our energy and blocks spirituality. Don't you love when you tidy up your house to see everything in place? It is this feeling of lightness that you will always have if you do not let objects accumulate.

3. Sharp-edged parts

Apart from possible accidents, whether it is furniture or decorative objects, sharp-edged parts suck the person's energy. Especially in the places where you spend the most time in your home, such as your bedroom or office, avoid having straight edges and angles facing you. Choose to position the objects in another way, or remove them and replace them with more rounded ones.

4. Dead Nature

Which is the same as: if the plant has died, do not keep it at home. Replace it. It is now an energy blocker.

5. Mirrors in front of the bed

The mirrors are much talked in Feng Shui. They should always be spotless and are great to apply at various points of the house, especially in the hallways and lobby (but not facing the door). However, you should not place mirrors in front of the bed. It reflects the feet of the one lying down and brings bad luck.

6. Empty corners

You should avoid leaving the corners of the house empty. You should fill them so that energy is not retained. You can place furniture or a plant in these empty corners.

7. Dark colors in the room

Once again, it does not bring good energy. For the bedroom walls choose neutral colors, but avoid white and bright tones. Even for bed sheets or other objects do not use dark colors.

8. Dirty stove

For Feng Shui, the stove is a symbol of prosperity. Therefore, it should never be left dirty or damaged. Also do not place clothes or other decorative objects on the stove.

9. Negative messages

When choosing pictures, posters or vinyls to put on the walls, always think about the energy that flows. Do not post anything that has a negative message.

10. Straight paths

Feng Shui supports what is curved because it allows energy to flow better. So the path in the yard to the door of your house should be curvy; You should also avoid having very long corridors; Other thing to keep in mind is not having a single corridor that goes from the front door to the back door, so that the energy doesn't run away.

These are (mostly) simple tips to put into practice and have the best energy at your home.
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