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Keep bad energy away from home

The good environment at home improves your mental and physical state and benefits everyone in the household. Know some tips to avoid bad energy at home!

Keep bad energy away from home
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
Your home should be a place where you feel security, peace and comfort. But this could be not true. In addition to the feeling of discomfort, there are often physical symptoms: headaches, insomnia, tiredness or signs of malaise. Bad energy can be the cause. Avoid it and eliminate it is the answer.

Air renovation

- Don't have the house closed. Let the air flow and renew itself.

Spray the house with orange essential oil

- orange essential oil resembles summer and nature, usually the lightest season. Great alternatives are also rose or lavender oil.

Avoid disorganization

- seeing everything disorganized creates stress for many people; besides that objects in general retain a lot of energy. Try to have everything as organized as possible. As long as it is not overdone and a cause of stress - especially for those with young children, it is not always easy to have everything tidy. Do what’s possible and makes you feel good. A nice tip is to choose the most minimalist decor possible - welcoming but simple. Find several interesting tips at Feng Shui.

Ring a bell in the room

- ring a bell in each corner of the bedroom and then by the door. Focus mentally on what you want. Through the vibration of the sound it sends the bad energies away and brings the good energies inside.


- Salvia is also an excellent purifier. Burn white rolls around the house, moving them counterclockwise. While doing so, focus on your intention.

Coarse salt

- place coarse salt in the corners of the house and / or the room you want to "clean". Salt crystals absorb negative energies. This is particularly useful when you want to eliminate the energies of previous inhabitants of space.

Purified house entrances

- the entrances, whether doors or windows, are places of energy passage. It is very important to keep them clean. To do this, fill a bowl with water with lemon, salt and white vinegar and use the mixture on the handles and windows. After that, put coarse salt in all the entrances and cover with a mat to avoid bad energies.


- vinegar is another eliminator of bad energies, absorbing them. So, fill a small glass with vinegar and place it on each floor of your home (or in the rooms where you spend the most time and accumulates more energy). It will absorb bad energy even from visitors to the house. The cup may be hidden but not closed.


- plants are a harmonizing element of space. They also carriers of good energy.


- there are many crystals, with the most different functions. The pink quartz crystal is one of the best to "clear" negative emotions and feelings.
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