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Avoid crowds on Valentine's Day

Do you want to do something special for Valentine's Day? Follow these ideas and avoid crowds and confusion.

Avoid crowds on Valentine
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
Often the easiest is to go out to dinner or even to the cinema. Ordinary programs (which are also needed) but when on Valentine's Day, you will find many couples, that is, a lot of confusion. For this Valentine's Day, avoid crowds and confusion and focus only on your better half. Our ideas are all simple, practical and even easy to combine for a very romantic Valentine's Day!

Surprise notes

- leave a note with a very romantic or personalized message on the car glass or drawn on the bathroom mirror.

Conquer by taste

- it is said that there are many people conquered by the stomach and good cooking skills. And nothing tastes better than a breakfast made with love. It can even be something simple (that you know your love will like).

Quick tour

- if you work in nearby areas, “kidnap” your date for a short walk through a quiet area at lunchtime. You can even take something to have a small picnic! Something very romantic, reminiscent of the breathtaking first times of courtship.

Naughty message

- in the middle of the day, if you are not together, send a romantic message, something more sensual or just an emoji that means: “I'm thinking about you”:


- take him/her to places that are part of history: the most romantic... or most spicy! The place where you gave your first kiss, where you met, where you were asked to marry, where you planned your future,...

Favourite movies

- that movie that you both love? Ideal for this day. You may not have much work and order just a pizza for a calm and carefree night. If you have children and cannot leave them with anyone, as soon as they are asleep take the opportunity to put the film on and enjoy the moment together.

Shared bath

- fill the hot tub, bet on the romantic decoration of petals and candles, lower the lights and... that’s it! It is the most romantic and sensual program to ignite passion.


- don't have time to do any of this? Enjoy each other's company! The most important is the time for two. At home, open a bottle of wine (or whatever you like best), talk, and plan for the future. Subjects that both of you like and give you pleasure.
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