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How to organize toys and avoid a mess

Learn some tricks to keep kids' toys always organized! Small ideas that will make the difference.

How to organize toys and avoid a mess
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
If you have children at home, you know what it is to live in this duality: wanting to have your house tidy but letting them play freely. With some organization rules it is easy to get the house tidy and let the children ... be children.

Give freedom and responsibility

Try to have toys in a place accessible to children, so they can choose what they want to play with and become more responsible for the play area/room.

Being accessible, you can teach your child to organize toys in a dynamic and fun way. You can, for example, organize toys by areas (books, legos, tracks, cars, kitchen tools, dolls, puzzles), or by colors. Tidying up will also be a game.

To make this possible, have a room or a specific area of the room where the toys are.

Choose and Organize

Nowadays it is almost inevitable to have many toys at home - even if parents do not buy, children usually receive many toys as a gift. And especially in the first years of life, the interest in certain toys changes within a few months.

The first step is to choose among the toys:
. Is the child interested in that toy?
. Is it age-appropriate?
. Even if they are not interested now, does the toy have the potential to still have it in the future?

If the child is not interested in the toy, it is no longer appropriate for his age and has no potential to be converted into something he likes, consider donating the toy to institutions. It is essential that it is in good condition! If not, recycle.

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then keep it.

For the toys to be maintained, you can convert pieces that you already have at home by decorating them, painting them, placing them on the wall ... We talk about plastic pots, buckets, cans, baskets or even wooden crates.

In the case of large toys you can even convert the laundry baskets for this use. For smaller toys use smaller objects, such as cans or small pots.

If you are going to use boxes for some of the storage, choose transparent boxes. It is easier for you and your child to quickly identify toys.

A great option for storing books is shelves. It works very well visually and is a way to highlight them to the child.

Change the toys

If your child has a lot of toys it may be a good idea not to have them all available at the same time. Often, the excess of toys only contributes to the child's lack of concentration, ending up not playing and just messing up.

If you have space to do it, keep some toys stored in the basement or in the attic and change 2 or 3 toys every 2 months. Collect some and replace the same number with other toys that were stored.

For the child it will be like having new toys!

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