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Myths and truths about lice

It is very common in childhood, but it is not exclusive to children. And when they show up at home, they put everyone's hair on alert! We talk about lice.

Myths and truths about lice
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
Despite being a very common problem, especially among children, the truth is that small tricks help prevent the appearance of lice. In addition to preventing the appearance, there are also ways to prevent the spread to others.

To explain how you can prevent the appearance of lice, we present you some myths and truths.

Lice jump

- Myth. To have contagion, there must be contact between hair. Lice don't have wings and don’t fly; therefore they are not able to jump from head to head. They can also fly with the wind.

They are more common in children

- Truth. But it is not because they have biological characteristics that attract lice. It is because children have more physical contact, especially at school, and contagion is much easier and faster.

Lice are related to poor hygiene

- Myth. Several studies prove the opposite: lice like clean hair. With this we are not encouraging you not to wash your hair! But the stigma that those who have lice is because they have lack of hygiene or even associate lice with situations of poverty it’s wrong.

Nits are the dead louse

- Myth. Nits are the eggs of lice. It may be the case that you still only have nits when the lice are not yet born; or have the nits because the eggs have already hatched and they remain stuck in the hair.

In summer there are more lice

- Truth. In summer the high temperature accelerates the hatching of eggs and the life cycle of the louse. Thus, proliferation is faster and more intense.

The best way to kill the louse is by crushing

- Myth. Despite being efficient it is very difficult to apply and to be sure that the louse is dead. You should dip the insects in a solution of water with vinegar.

What to do to prevent head lice?

. First, be aware. Examine children's heads frequently, especially if they frequently scratch their heads;
. Choose hair up. Especially for girls, who usually wear their hair longer, choose to send them to school with their hair up. It decreases the possibility of contact.
. Whatever utensils are in contact with the head, choose not to share with other people. We talk about combs, towels, hooks, hats, helmets, ribbons, rubber bands, ...
. Change the bedding several times, so that they do not accumulate dirty.

I already have lice! What to do?

. Bedding, bath sheets and other personal cloth utensils must be washed at more than 50 ° C to eliminate lice. Never store clothes infested with nits or lice.
. Whatever you use for brushing the hair, let it submerge in hot water for 10 minutes or more.
. Choose to comb wet hair with a fine comb to remove the nits. Apply an appropriate shampoo for the effect (and age-appropriate) and repeat the treatment as indicated.
. If you want to apply some shampoo or another substance suitable for the elimination of lice, consult the pharmacy. Oral medications should always be prescribed by a doctor.

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