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Tips for not getting bored or tired when traveling by plane

Do you want to feel good and comfortable when traveling by plane, especially on longer ones? Check out some of the most useful tips to avoid tiredness.

Tips for not getting bored or tired when traveling by plane
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
Long plane trips can be very tiring. Physical discomfort and impatience make the journey even longer to pass. Find out what to do to avoid uneasiness and boredom and make your plane journey more comfortable. Enjoy!

Be careful about what you eat

The preparation for the trip starts before the flight, namely in what to choose to eat. Before and during the flight avoid drinking alcohol, as it hinders the oxygenation of brain cells. In terms of food, avoid legumes, spicy food, or foods very rich in fiber, as they cause greater swelling in the belly and therefore more discomfort. These arguments are also valid for carbonated drinks, highly processed foods or others that, in particular, cause you this feeling of bloated belly.

Avoid getting swollen legs

It is one of the most common situations on long-haul flights. To help prevent swollen legs you can use elastic stockings, which increase blood circulation. You should also do some exercises, even when sitting in the chair: make movements with your feet moving your ankles and fingers and move your lower legs up and down or to the side.

Protect and moisten eyes

During long journeys it is normal for the eyes to become more tired and dry. One of the simplest but most effective advice is to really close your eyes whenever you can and for a while. This protects the eyes from tiredness.

For dry eyes, you can take artificial tears with you and put them on. For those who wear contact lenses, it is advisable to avoid taking them during the flight and to choose glasses. If you really want to use the lenses, take a solution to moisten them.

Safe ears!

Semi-deafness (or blocked ear) is one of the most common complaints, associated with pressure differences. It often causes severe headaches.

When taking off and landing, you must chew gum (or other food) or pinch your nose and blow. Don't you have anything to eat? Do not worry. If you make the movement with the jaw as if you are eating it works in exactly the same way. If you have babies with you try to put the pacifier at these times.

Fast recovery from Jet Lag

Related to the “biological clock”, circadian rhythm guides our lives (not only bedtime, but also eating and everything related to the biological rhythm). See our article 8 tips to avoid Jet Lag and know everything to get to your destination 100%.
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