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Stay away from germs (like Coronavirus)

The emergence of COVID-19 led to the emergence of a lot of precautions to protect the health of the population. In addition to COVID-19, a virus, there are many other germs that require some care. Learn how to protect yourself!

Stay away from germs (like Coronavirus)
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
The spread of COVID-19 brought cleanliness and hygiene to the top issues as a very important factor in preventing the spread of germs. But do we already know all the ways to keep ourselves safe?

Germs (or microbes) are the common name given to a variety of tiny organisms that are invisible to the human eye, such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, bacilli or fungi. The COVID-19, that we hear so much about these days, is a virus, a genetic material with a protein layer without its own metabolism, using the cells of other organisms to reproduce.

And if “bad” germs exist there are also good ones. Present everywhere (water, soil, air, food, animals, plants, ...), they are incalculable and many of them responsible for “cleaning” and renewing everything that exists in nature. Unfortunately, germs can also cause various infections, such as the Coronavirus, and are present in several places. So it is very important to always follow some measures to protect yourself from the most varied germs (especially if you already have a chronic illness or other condition of fragility).

Avoid standing around sick people

Unless it is necessary, being the person's own caregiver or living in the same house (even though adopting some care!), avoid being with people who show symptoms of illness, especially if they look feverish, sneeze or cough.
The droplets of saliva, one of the main ways of spreading the most varied germs, be they viruses, bacteria or others, can project in the air up to 2 meters. This must be the minimum distance to preserve.

Wash your hands

It is one of the most recommended measures to prevent the spread of diseases associated with germs. And also the most effective. This happens because you can touch a surface (like a handrail, a counter, a handle, etc.) that is contaminated and then bring your hand to your mouth, nose or eyes, contaminating yourself.
To avoid contamination, wash your hands thoroughly (including your wrists) for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. When you are unable to wash your hands apply alcohol gel.
It is very important to wash your hands if you cough or sneeze, especially if you have not used the safety position - sneeze and cough into your elbow.

Don’t share personal items

If you do not know if you are contaminated or if you have one of your direct contacts contaminated, do not share objects in general. Never share personal items with another person. Especially objects that may come in contact with saliva or other body fluids, such as nebulizers, thermometers, forks and spoons, among more.

Notify your direct contacts in case of illness

If you know that you have contracted a contagious disease or have been in direct contact with a person with a contagious disease, let your closest contacts know (family and employer), as well as everyone you have been with in the past few days.

Avoid contact with dust

Many germs accumulate in the soil and are brought to other places through our shoes and clothes, along with dust and other dirt. Keep the house and your work space as clean as possible (trying to use products with few chemicals and more natural), in order to prevent the spread of germs in this way.
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