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6 tips to avoid physical inactivity and stay healthy

The quarantine decreed by many countries because of COVID-19 leads us to be at home 24 hours a day and it is very easy to lose healthy habits. Do you want to stay active and healthy? We help!

6 tips to avoid physical inactivity and stay healthy
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
Coronavirus is forcing many people to stay in quarantine, voluntary or mandatory, as a way to prevent the spread of the virus. A quarantine period that lasts several weeks and therefore brings many challenges.

Sedentary lifestyle and poor diet are two great temptations. But there are ways to get around temptations and stay focused on being active and healthy!

We give you a set of tips to help you stay focused and with good habits while you are forced to social isolation.

1. Create routines

If you no longer have to go elsewhere to work every day, it is however important that you adapt your routines to maintain your body's biological rhythm.

Always try to dress like you go to the office. This helps you to feel more active. Respect meal times. Have hours for work, for new hobbies, for social life online. It is important to keep each part of your life organized.

For those with young children, the challenge is even greater: working from home, helping children with possible schoolwork, managing household chores, ... A multitude of tasks and a new organization needed.

Don't push yourself too hard! It is normal that it takes time to establish the new routines. Try to adjust and find a balance.

2. Have new hobbies

Did you dance? Did you play in a band? Did you exercise at the gym? Did you always go swimming? Did you have a group that you always went out with on a Friday night?

Adapt your habits so that you can continue some hobbies and win new ones. The first selection criteria will naturally be about what you like the most. But in case of doubt you can try to balance physical, spiritual, pedagogical activities, etc.

For example, you can take an online gym class (many gyms are offering live or recorded classes via social networks), practice a little Yoga and take a new online course in an area that interests you. All of this many brands are making available online for free. You will see that maintaining some basic activities will channel your energy to what interests you and you will feel good about it!

3. Planning meals

It is very important to plan your meals, just as you did when you went to work. Don’t make excuses for not cooking now that you have even more time at home.

Make a weekly plan for example, with the main meals (lunch and dinner) already defined. For breakfast and snack, define two options that alternate. Also have two snack options for other times of the day (one more caloric, for post-workout, and one more light).

Doing the planning will help you not to succumb to the temptation of pre-cooked foods that exist in supermarkets. The other essential step will be to make a list of what you want to buy before going to the supermarket. Essential foods are in the next step!

4. Make a shopping list before going to the supermarket

Organization is the keyword when it comes to staying healthy and active. After planning your meals, make a list of what you will need to be more organized in the supermarket and not buy unnecessary (and usually less healthy) things.

Governments in all countries are taking action and ensuring that the supply of essential goods is guaranteed. So don't buy things you don't need and always try to buy fresh food.

This is a list of the essentials to remember:
. Water - it may be the most basic item on the list but it is the most important of all. It should not be forgotten or substituted for other types of drinks. Try to drink 2l of water a day. Do not buy soft drinks or energy drinks to avoid temptations at home.

. Eggs - a food with great nutritional value and very versatile. Eggs are great to complement a meal or even to serve as a snack.

. Fruit - super practical and healthy, full of vitamins and minerals. Please note that while preventing coronavirus it is advisable to always wash the fruit and avoid eating with the peel; if you want to do it, disinfect the fruit with water and vinegar or with food disinfectants sold on commercial surfaces.

. Fresh vegetables - they cannot be missed and the ideal is that they are fresh. If you want, and in times of restraint to go out on the street, buy some frozen vegetables, ready to cook.
They are mandatory and cannot be missed at home. So whenever you go to the supermarket, take the opportunity to bring them. Always buy the ones that have more durability, like carrots, courgettes, heart cabbage or savoy cabbage. Regarding the consumption of raw vegetables, the same situation applies as for fruits.

. Fish and Meat - if you eat fish or meat, choose the healthier ones. In the case of meat, choose chicken or turkey, and in the case of fish there are good options in salmon, sea bream or sea bass. Canned tuna is also nutritionally good and very practical to eat at any time.

. Natural yogurts - choose natural yogurts and if you want to add something later, do it at home. It is great for a snack with some fruits and nuts.

. Dried fruits and seeds - nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, ... There are many healthy options to mix with main meals (and add that creepy texture). They are also very practical foods to combine with yogurt for a snack, for example.

5. Online dating

We are not (only) talking about romantic dates. We are also talking about meetings with friends and families. With all the apps that exist for video calling it is possible to have dinners together, small parties and even games together.

6. Take care of yourself

Last and not least: take care of yourself! Stay informed but always confirm sources of information. Do your part. If you have some extra time, take the opportunity to do that activity that is really good for you and that you have been putting off for so long.

Stay Safe!
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