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8 rules for working from home (and avoid madness and laziness)

Teleworking is now a reality for many people who have had to quickly adapt to this new reality. But do you already know what to do to maintain productivity and not lose your sanity? We help!

8 rules for working from home (and avoid madness and laziness)
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
Many people already work from home, but for most people, compulsory social isolation also brings telework (work from home). Some rules can help you avoid losing productivity and motivation. Here are some easy tips to implement.

Organize a workplace in your home

Find a place that is your “office”. It doesn't have to be an entire room, but a quiet area with no distractions, with good light and where you feel good. Decorate it. This will help you to focus on work when you are in this space, as well as being able to disconnect when you go to other areas of the house.

Calendar your day

It is normal to have several video conferences scheduled during the day. With this in mind, organizing your day should be the first task to accomplish. Set goals (practical and realistic ones) so you don't lose productivity. It is also important to maintain routines, as this helps you not to be distracted.

Stick to your socializing schedules

At work it would be common to have lunch or a snack with colleagues; or else to go for a coffee. Keep some of these rituals! You can arrange with your colleagues a time when everyone drinks their coffee at the same time, being connected online. A time to talk and socialize.

Dress to work

Not wearing pajamas is one of the most important rules. This helps you to change the mood and gain energy; getting in pajamas is like being in a state of greater sleepiness than being at home can cause. Also fix your hair or make up, just as you would if you went to your usual workplace. The only exception: you can wear slippers!

Don't be distracted by household chores

Try to organize lunch as if you were going to work (or at least prepare it). It is a way of not wasting too much time cooking meals. Another important thing is to avoid doing other household chores during work hours that can distract you, such as washing clothes or cleaning the house.

Set boundaries

Working from home it is normal for you to start receiving work requests outside of working hours, to check email every single time, to answer whatsapp messages at any time. Set boundaries with your boss and other colleagues - you obviously don't need to be rude; just set some limits from which you will not answer work questions.

Enjoy the benefits

Take advantage of the benefits of telework and the time you save every day on the move. Take advantage of this time in the morning to exercise, for example; in the late afternoon you can relax or create a new hobby.

And the kids?

For those who are working from home and having children at home, to have so many rules and to mantain routines can be very complicated and counterproductive. The frustration will be so great that it will only make you less focused on the time you will have to work. An important point is, from the beginning, to be honest with your boss and colleagues and establish the times when you will be 100% available for work (sharing working hours with your spouse for example). When possible, try to compensate at other times. Try to be very focused on working time and don't get distracted. For those who have children at home it is really important to have a work area independent from the rest of the house if possible.
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