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How to avoid snoring

A lot of people want to stop snoring and the truth is that small changes can make a difference. Do you already know all the ways to reduce your snoring and improve your sleep quality?

How to avoid snoring
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
Snoring is one of the main nighttime problems of many people. It affects your quality of sleep but also that of your partner and even ends up with relationships. But what can you do to snore less? Little tips that can make a difference.

Why do you snore?

More common in men than in women, snoring is a sound that comes from the upper airways that some people make while sleeping. It occurs due to the vibration of various structures of the respiratory airways such as the tongue, the soft palate, the walls of the pharynx or even the epiglottis. And why does this vibration occur? Due to the obstruction of the airways that hinders the passage of air to the lungs. The sound will be louder and more intense when the airways are more obstructed.

Some snoring potentiators factors: obesity, by increasing the adipose tissue throughout the body, including the throat, and making it difficult to pass the air, health problems of the airways, such as tonsil hypertrophy or deviated septum of the nose, alcohol consumption, tobacco and sedatives, age, with a higher incidence of snoring in the elderly, and heredity, because the anatomical particularities of the organs often interfere with the snoring issue.

Other factors are specific and point to a snoring that ends up disappearing naturally, such as the periods of colds , the phase of pregnancy , justified by hormonal changes and weight gain, and tiredness , since extreme tiredness leads to deeper sleep and greater relaxation of the respiratory muscles, with increased palate vibration.

How to avoid snoring?

To help you to have a more peaceful sleep, rest more and be more energetic during the day you can change some situations that will help. In addition to helping you, if you have a partner for sure he / she will also thank you.

Change your sleeping position

The worst position to sleep is even on your back, as it causes more pressure on the airways. Always try to sleep on your side or on your stomach. If you lose this awareness during the night, “authorize” your partner to wake you up and ask you to change your sleeping position.

Clear the airways

Before going to bed try to clear your airways. The most natural way is to opt for a hot bath, which helps you to release all the mucus that has accumulated. You can also use a decongestant, such as saline solution or sea water. These recommendations are also valid for those who have allergies.

Realign the neck

You can consult a specialist, such as an osteopath, to see if your neck is aligned (as well as your spine). Often, these misalignments are responsible for further impairing your breathing at night. This is a type of treatment that you should only do with certified healthcare professionals.

Lose weight and choose anti-inflammatory foods

Obesity is one of the main factors that enhance snoring. So if you are overweight, it will be very important to lose it. Do it following a healthy diet. Anti-inflammatory foods prevent water retention, preventing the onset of inflammation. Good options are ginger or saffron. Also opt for a diet rich in vegetables and protein.
At dinner, choose light meals for easy and quick digestion. Also avoid drinking alcohol for 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.

Have the bedding always clean

Mainly valid for allergy sufferers and snores, the pillow and bed sheets tend to accumulate dust and therefore intensify allergies, causing greater breathing difficulties. It is therefore important to change the bed linen from week to week.

Stop smoking

It can be a difficult step but it will be decisive not only in the quality of your sleep but in your health in general. When interfering with the airways, smoking makes it difficult to inhale and exhale. You will notice a big difference if you can quit smoking or at least substantially reduce what you smoke.

Complementary devices

If with the previous tips you do not have the situation 100% resolved you should ask for medical advice. There are several possible solutions, from nose snoring strips to mandibular advancement devices to use at night. They are solutions to be tested before moving on to possible surgery, if you decide, together with your doctor, to be the best solution.
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