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Learn how to avoid nightmares (and have a peaceful night)

Sleep problems have a major influence on quality of life. And nightmares are one of the most recurring. The truth is that with these tips you can start to eliminate nightmares from your sleep.

Learn how to avoid nightmares (and have a peaceful night)
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
Although it is normal to have nightmares from time to time, the situation becomes worrying when the nightmares are recurrent and disturb the rest of the day. The nightmare is defined as a disturbing dream, associated with negative feelings. Usually the person ends up waking up in the middle of the nightmare and it is also common to have difficulty later falling asleep.

When nightmares are frequent, they cause anxiety, fear of sleep and poor sleep quality. Gradually they start to affect serenity and well-being throughout the day. In these more serious cases, it may be necessary to have medical assistance, namely from a psychologist who will help you understand the origin of the nightmares and the conscious way to overcome the situation.

Before reaching more serious situations, know what to do to regularize your sleep and avoid nightmares.

Sleep Routines

For sleep, as with all biological issues in our body, it is important to keep routines. Try to lie down and always get up at the same time (approximately). Even at weekends or holidays, do not change these routines too much - you will then have more difficulties in the return. These sleep routines help to regulate your own sleep periods, between deeper sleep and periods of lighter sleep.

Eat and drink well

What we eat also has a lot of influence on our sleep, especially what we eat up to 6 hours before bedtime. So, avoid drinking coffee, eating chocolate (or other types of sweets or sugary foods), or eating food that involves slow digestion at dinner time. Also try to make dinner a lighter meal. Some studies indicate a link between spicy and fatty foods and nightmares.

Drink tea

Still in the food chapter, many studies highlight tea as the ideal drink for a peaceful night's sleep. Opt for very hot chamomile or lavender tea, with soothing properties. Do it right before you go to bed, or even lying down.

Relaxing sounds and meditation

A great way to calm your mind before falling asleep and thus find tranquility for the rest of the night is to listen to relaxing sounds or start doing meditation. Today you will find many apps with relaxing sounds that can influence your own dreams, such as Dream:On. You can also start doing meditation in a simple way, training breathing and relaxation techniques, and here you will also find several apps that will help you, such as HeadSpace.

Bet on your room environment

The environment in which you sleep is very important in the quality of your sleep: it must first of all be a space where you feel safe and quiet. The bedroom and bed are a bit like the "nest". A well-decorated and tidy room means a more peaceful environment. Also invest in the quality of your mattress - a very underrated point that has a great influence on the quality of sleep. It is also very important to pay attention to the smell - the smell of lavender for example is great for reassuring and enhancing a nightmare-free sleep.

Have positive thoughts

Do this exercise: when trying to fall asleep try to think only of good and positive things. It is scientifically proven that our brain remains active and conscious even when we are sleeping and so thinking about good things before going to sleep is a way to avoid nightmares. It is as if you are sending a message to your brain to focus on those thoughts.

These are small tips that are easy to implement and that will make a difference in regularizing your sleep and, consequently, prevent you from having nightmares. Naturally, nightmares often have deeper and even traumatic causes. If you have recurring nightmares and are unable to avoid them by following these techniques, you should find a sleep specialist to help you overcome the situation.
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