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6 scents to finish with mosquitoes indoors

Even if you love summer and the heat, you probably don't like these "insect friends" at all. Find out how to get rid of the mosquitoes inside your home.

6 scents to finish with mosquitoes indoors
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
Very small and fast, they are one of the most boring insects that exist. Do you agree? Although they are not deadly or dangerous (most of them), mosquitoes are very annoying during the summer and their bites can cause severe allergies. Learn how to keep them away from your home, with the help of plants and combinations of foolproof smells.

Eucalyptus infusion

It smells good and it’s a great ally when it comes to keeping mosquitoes away. Prepare an infusion of eucalyptus leaves, as if it were a tea. Then pour the infusion liquid into several containers around the house and watch them escape!

Lemon with clove heads

Great to keep mosquitoes away and a way to always have a well-scented home. To prepare, just cut a lemon into slices and skew some clove heads in the slices. Add a little water in a container with the lemon slices.

Citronella essential oil (and variations)

Whether from essential oil or other citronella-based products, they have many components that keep these unwanted insects away. You will find essential oil, lotions, candles and citronella-based incense.


It is a plant that in itself works as a mosquito repellent. And being beautiful and fragrant, it is a great option to have at home. Basil is an excellent example of a plant that you can have indoors and thus keep mosquitoes away.


The aroma of orange is also a good mosquito repellent. You can leave the orange open with the clove heads or, even better, make a candle using an orange. To do this, just cut an orange in half and remove the filling; then place the candle in the bottom half and make a hole in the top for the smell to spread. In this case you can also put some cloves spiked in the orange.

Apple cider vinegar, detergent and sugar

It not only repels but kills mosquitoes. How to make it? You should pour apple cider vinegar into a container, add a few drops of detergent and a teaspoon of sugar. Then leave in several containers, throughout the house. Vinegar and sugar will attract insects, while detergent will kill them.
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