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About Us - How to Avoid


Start avoiding things you don't want!

Here you can find solutions to your problems and challenges. From the most serious ones, like diseases, work problems, kids issues... to the lightest ones, as events and lifestyle tips.

We present you the problem, with the possible causes and definitions, and the solutions to avoid or solve the situation. We are dedicated to several themes: house (entertainment at home, organization, home deco), events (holidays, marriage, baptism, birthday parties), health (food, nutrition, travel changes, pregnancy, old age, baby), kids (entertainment, behavior, health, food) and lifestyle (travel, beauty and fashion challenges).

This website is informational and the information provided here is intended to prevent certain situations from happening or to help resolve them. Each person and moment has its own peculiarities - we try to have an answer for each situation, but be ok to give us your suggestion so that we can further clarify our answers.

Happy avoiding! :)