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The 11 avoidable acts of a wedding guest

Even with a relaxed bride and groom couple, there are some rules that you really have to respect. Let’s find out what you have to avoid!

The 11 avoidable acts of a wedding guest
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
The wedding day is a dreamed day and everything is prepared in detail. As a guest, it is important to know what not to do. After all, nobody wants to make the “just married couple” sad or embarrassed, right?

Arriving late
Or rather, arriving after the bride. Unless it was a previous situation that justifies arriving later at the wedding, being there at the most important moment of the ceremony is very important. Don’t skip the ceremony.

Occupying the front row
Even if it is an informal wedding, leave the front row to the godparents and parents. It is a rule to always respect, regardless of the type of marriage to which it applies.

During marriage some things could be wrong. But never bother the newlyweds or close relatives with the situation. Talk directly to the staff or the wedding planner first. The situation will surely be solved and the bride and groom can then continue to enjoy their wedding day without (additional) stress.

Do not distract the flower girls and ring bearers. It's something that a lot of people don't remember. They are already small kids and have a difficult task for their age. Don't call them to take photos or say hello. Let them be concentrated.

You are not always on your best day. But for the newlyweds, put on the best smile. This is the day when, even if you're sad, you'll have to pretend a little. And maybe it will help you! Having fun, dancing, singing and talking is very good for emotional health.

Do not take the decorative flowers without asking permission. Although it is normal for guests to take flower arrangements, you don’t know if the groom wants to. Ask first, for example, the parents or godparents. Under no circumstances take the floral central pieces or other decorative objects without authorization. The pieces are usually from the party space and you may increase the newlyweds’ bill.

At the buffet you should never be the first to serve yourself. Always remember that the couple must be first. Especially if it's a more formal wedding.

The wedding favor is a gift. Never leave it. Even if you didn't like it much or won't use it, take it with you. The bride and groom made it with love. On the other hand, do not take the wedding favor that does not belong to you. Wait for the newlyweds to give you.

The choice of a gift for the bride and groom is an important task. Don’t bring a large gift to the party location and choose from the gift list (if there is a gift list). Try to give something that has a personal touch that tells you a little about your connection to the couple. You can even prepare a surprise that stays in their memory! Just make sure that it's something everyone can see (the couple’s parents will be there!)

Don't drink too much ... at least too soon! Most often, weddings have an Open Bar. But if the end of the night is for the craziest moments (usually the younger and older are no longer at the party), consider how much you drink. So you can enjoy the whole party. And don’t leave the party before the newlyweds cut the cake.

Last but not least… dress code. Imagine it is your wedding day and suddenly you notice that your guests have not respected the dress code. What is this going to convey? That you don't value enough that day or the couple. So, within your style, respect what the couple asked for the dress code, whatever it may be. The day is theirs!
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