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How to avoid mistakes that can delay your home's sale

When you want to sell your house all the details, and not just the price, will make the difference. Learn some important rules that will avoid unwanted delays in selling your home.

How to avoid mistakes that can delay your home
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
If photos matters, the visit of a possible buyer will be decisive in the impression of your home. Your interest will always value your home, to sell it not only faster, but for the best value.

Don't have little spoiled things

- fix what's most deteriorated, like that old faucet, the shower curtain that needs to be renovated, those kitchen cabinet handles that are worn and loose. In most cases they are not expensive and will make the difference.

Avoid too much "personality"

- you don't have to take everything that is personal because it's not what you want - we don't want you to get the inhospitable typical ambience of uninhabited houses. But it is advisable to make the house as "neutral" as possible. This helps visitors to imagine building a life in that house, something that the excess of personal items makes difficult.

Do a deeper cleaning

- clean up and get rid of everything you no longer want / need. You will have to do it anyway when you sell the house and have to move. In this case, you are only anticipating this "cleaning".

Check the lights

- if the visit takes place at a later time (or if some of the rooms do not have a window) you must always make sure that all the artificial lights are working. A fused light can make all the difference in the perception of space or, ultimately, prevent it from being visitable.

Don't use strong (and bad!) smells

- smell is the most sensitive senses and has a lot of impact on a visit. Before visits, avoid cooking meals that have a very strong smell. If you smoke at home, ventilate the house as much as possible. Choose to have the house perfumed but with a mild smell, preferably with natural aromas. For example, boiling water with cinnamon or eucalyptus gives the house a fresh, country feel. If you live in the country, leave the windows open and have some fresh flowers.

Choose the time that most benefits your home

- if you are working with a real estate agency, your consultant will certainly advise you on the best time to visit your home but your feedback is the most important. Does it have dazzling light in the morning or is it brighter in the afternoon? Is everything quieter in the morning?

Cookies and coffee

- it may seem strange, right? But having cookies and coffee for possible buyers is always very friendly and welcoming. If they like you, they will like your home because they will love that environment. Never forget that your goal is to make them feel at home.

The trick is to have the house as neutral as possible. This increases the likelihood of pleasing (or at least not shocking) your potential buyers. And at the end of the visit they come with the feeling of “I really want that house”.
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