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Are you going to buy a preowned wedding dress?

If you chose to buy a preowned dress for your wedding day, you should know what to care about. Learn how to avoid complications and to have a dream wedding dress.

Are you going to buy a preowned wedding dress?
Margarida Gamboa
by Margarida Gamboa
The wedding day is for many people the day they have always dreamed about. The wedding dress is part of the magic. But the truth is that it is a dress only for one day and many brides today choose to buy a second hand dress. It’s a rule to save on one of the things that usually takes one of the biggest slices of a wedding budget… and still have a dream dress!

Don't leave it to the last minute

- just as if it were a new dress, in the case of a preowned dress you should look in advance. Ideally you are looking for 9 to 12 months in advance because you may not find what you are looking for right away. With time, you will definitely find the model you are looking for and you don't have to settle for what you find at the last minute. Another important issue is to have time to make arrangements with a seamstress and adapt what you want (or at least, adapt to your body).

Realize what looks good on you

- besite the model and what you like, it is important to understand what suits you. So, if you have the opportunity, visit some stores or try on some friend / family wedding dresses, for example. It is a way of realizing that after all the mermaid dress is not quite what you want, or that the princess dress is not for you. All of these questions will help you to understand what you like.

Evaluate where you will buy

- you should try to understand what feedback you are buying from. Watch out for some web sites that promise very low prices but then what comes to you has nothing to do with the images (always see the feedback!); if you choose a store, also try to see if they have online feedback and understand what guarantees they give you. If you buy from a private never pay anything in advance without seeing the dress. Ideally pay 100% when purchasing. It is safer for both parties.

Don't choose too tight dress

- if when you try on the dress it’s too tight so it’s not the best option. Unless you can (and want) to lose a lot of weight until the wedding, it's a risk! The ideal is to buy a dress that is already the right size; or alternatively buy a dress bigger than your size so you can adjust it with a seamstress closer to the wedding date.

Try (almost) always

- unless it is a great financial opportunity and it will be so cheap that even if you don’t like it’s worth the risk, always try the dress on before you buy it. If you buy from a private, arrange a meeting in a place where you can try on the dress; if it is from a store the same applies. In addition, it is always different to see and touch a fabric: the color, details and touch are very important.

Don't buy if you're not 100% sure

- even knowing that you are buying cheaper make it clear to the seller that you will only buy after being sure it is what you want. Try it and be 100% sure of your dress! If this is not the case, you will always wonder if you could find something better. One way to understand if you are in love is not to have desire to look any further. Because if you want to look for more believe me ... it's not the one.

Ask for feedback

- here you have to find a balance. It is not worth asking for many opinions that will leave you confused but show 2 or 3 people that you know they will be honest (not that friend who always agrees with you). When you try it, also go with someone.

Following these rules, we are sure that you will find the dream dress ... and very cheap!
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